Synthetronica's Streams

Synthetronica has a few radio streams. These are being run by me, and I'm just one guy running multiple projects, so the evolution of Synthetronica Radio will probably be slow. But it's got some good material.

Main stream: Everything currently on Synthetronica Radio gets played here, in a random mix.

Ambient stream: Gentle, drony and otherwise easygoing works.

Soundscapes: Environmental material recorded by artists. Inspired by the recordings of the late Richard Lainhart.

Synthetronica Radio uses Ogg Vorbis streams. You can tune in to Synthetronica Radio using your favorite media player. If your media player doesn't already support Ogg Vorbis (something ever more unlikely), please visit this page to install the codec you need.

The following are media players that work with Ogg Vorbis:

Synthetronica Radio's Artists

Here are the artists played on Synthetronica Radio (alpha by last name or stage name):

  • Bing Satellites
  • Jez Creek
  • Richard Lainhart
  • Lux_Seeker
  • Muied Lumens
  • Eugene Naumenko
  • Dave Sneed
  • Rogue Spore
  • Jacob Watters

Synthetronica Radio Mainstays

These are excellent shows that are a regular part of Synthetronica Radio's streams.

  • Adventures In Sound (Jez Creek)
  • Dream Time With Joel Sutton